Relic: Trailer

"Retrieve the Relics, Revive the Planet"

Traverse across a desolate alien planet to place the lost relics back into the rightful temples.

Play as "The Scavenger," a nomadic black market dealer whose quest is to find and return the sacred relics. Play defensively where stealth is the ultimate weapon and speed is a necessity. Restore the planet back to a luscious oasis and save the world.

This is the trailer my thesis partner, Kevin Whitmeyer, and I created to showcase our environments. View Kevin's environments by clicking HERE.

Title sequences by Jeremy Puttkammer. View more of his work by clicking HERE.

Character animations and rig by Mixamo.

All of the pieces displayed are rendered in real-time.
SOFTWARE: Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, 3D-Coat, Adobe Creative Suite, XNormal, Crazybump, Substance Painter, and Perforce.
HARDWARE: HP Z820 workstations, GeForce GTX Titan Black graphics cards, and Wacom Intuos tablets and Cintiqs