"Retrieve the Relics, Revive the Planet"

Traverse across a desolate alien planet to place the lost relics back into their rightful temples.

You are "The Scavenger," a nomadic black market dealer whose quest is to find and return the sacred relics. Play defensively where stealth is the ultimate weapon and speed is a necessity. Restore the planet back to a luscious oasis and save the world.

I am responsible for everything seen in the screenshots including a fully playable virtual reality level.

My thesis partner, Kevin Whitmeyer, and I created the trailer to showcase our environments.

Title sequences by Jeremy Puttkamer.

Character animations and rig by Mixamo.

All of the pieces displayed are rendered in real-time.

SOFTWARE: Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, 3D-Coat, Adobe Creative Suite, XNormal, Crazybump, Substance Painter, and Perforce.
HARDWARE: HP Z820 workstations, GeForce GTX Titan Black graphics cards, and Wacom Intuos tablets and Cintiqs.